About Us

It is a scientific and technological park with entrepreneurs from the three productive sectors that develop competitive advantages through research, technological innovation, linkage and networking in an academic business environment to generate ideas, opportunities and alliances based on a methodology .

gilberro arturo

Ing. Gilberto Arturo Correa Puentes

President of the Council and founder of the Ecosistema Empresarial.


Civil Engineer and Master in Business Administration from La Salle University.

federico aura

Ing. Federico González Aura.

Secretary of the Council and founder of the Ecosistema Empresarial.

Engineer in Cybernetics and Computer Science at the La Salle University of CDMX.

gina correa (1)

Lic. Georgina Correa Puentes

Treasurer of the Board and founder of the Ecosistema Empresarial

Trial lawyer, co-owner of the law firm Carrera Correa Abogados since 1999.

Advisory Council
1 (1)
Dr. Carlos Amadeo García Ayala

Medical Surgeon Specialist in Neurosciences, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Public Health.

2 (1)
Dra. Ireri Rivera García

Lic. En Economía, Maestra en Filosofía y Doctora en Turismo Medico.

Public policy expert.

3 (1)
Mtra. María de la Luz Ponce Ayala

Investor, Speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, with more than 20 years of experience.

4 (1)
Q.F.B. María Bertha Ballesteros Silva

Food and water and medical microbiology.

General Director at CEDIMI Laboratories

Lic. María de la Cruz Rebollar Téllez

Expert in identifying and protecting your personal and business risks.

Mtro. Eduardo García Muñoz

Industrial engineer, master in administration, specialist in marketing and financial administration. He has been stock director at Monex, Banamex and Banorte. He is currently an independent investment advisor.

Ing. Iván Erick Ojeda Díaz

Mexican inventor, mechatronics engineer, robotics, industrial automation, control electronics, power electronics, industrial electricity, control instrumentation, investment projects, development of business plans.

Don Oliverio Cruz Gutiérrez

Delegate of CANAINPA in Michoacán, expert in the bakery and food industry. Teacher in the Food and Beverage Career.

Lic. Ramiro Nepita Chávez

Degree in Political Sciences from UNAM.

Lic. Francisco del Valle Gómez

Experience in training Professional Sellers; Experience in Sales Consulting and Digital Marketing Consulting.

11 (1)
C.P. Enrique Galván Alvarado

Certified compliance, regulatory, transparency and anti-corruption officer.